JIMI (Joint Intravital Microscopy and Imaging) – a multi-institute network to support intravital imaging.


JIMI is a core-facility network for intravital microscopy, which brings this technology to a broad group of scientists focusing on various areas of biomedicine. The aims of this network comprise of, on the one hand, providing a dedicated project-oriented practical assistance framework for JIMI users and, on the other hand, developing customized novel microscopy techniques as well as innovative image-based data analysis and modeling tools, in order to achieve high scientific competitiveness. These aims are reached by organizing regular seminars, in which technology developers and experts meet with users, both beginners and advanced ones, from Berlin, and where leading experts of the field present and discuss their projects and new technological achievements. Furthermore, a dedicated user support framework and training system have been designed to provide targeted assistance for users at well-defined stages of their scientific projects. In addition to the immediate accessibility of our own customized technological developments, the facility also provides JIMI users with a rapid information exchange framework of newly available techniques.

JIMI is an open platform for all scientists with interest in (functional) microscopy in small animals. Don’t hesitate to contact us for details! jimi